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Dubai is a green city as well apart from deserts, the roads are paved and you will see lush green tress on the side of the roads. Dubai municipality keeps the city clean and tidy. The plants are safe from scorching sun as there is an irrigation system to water the plants. This system is so useful that it is connected through water tubes, and you can control the water pressure easily. Dubai has synchronized its environment and you will find cleanliness every where.

When you arrive in this city you will find wide range of festivals, people specially plan trips for such events so that they can take the advantage. Dubai arranges different festivals like sometimes food, jewelry or cloths but this it’s arranging international dance festival to bind the youngsters and the talented performers with the company. This event comprises of classical dances, youth orchestras, bands and music etc. to make their audience excited so that they enjoy the entire event. Such festivals are held to promote their culture, to give chance to the new comers, many companies from UAE, Middle East to attend such programs and even many organizations collaborate to arrange such platforms. People love to go to Desert Safari Dubai, as they get the opportunity to see the sunset and the sun rise.

Dubai looks awesome when such event takes place; it is filled with colors, lights and happiness. As u all knows that this festival is held every year so be ready again for the same fun and entertainment. 6000 retail outlets and round about 50 shopping malls participate in this festival, so you should visit Dubai is a must to see. It has played an important role to boost the economy of Dubai, once you take part in this event then you will wish to come here every year with your family. This place will cherish your moments when you get back to your country. This is an awesome and peaceful place so you should visit it once in a lifetime in order to gain experience and to know their family and traditional values as well as their living style. It has accommodated almost 15 million tourists, as its architectural buildings attract the tourists in large quantity. It is well known that this city is famous for gold and most of all shopping. Overnight Desert Safari makes your journey to Dubai complete and you will definitely wish to come again every year with your family for such ultimate fun.

People dream to stay at this hotel as it has luxury suites. Now the world islands are made by man for domestic purpose, they so look alike world. You can also do ski diving, it is covered with snow all the year. Children and adults enjoy at this place. Dubai also has a museum which offers the history of this city, and displays the Bedouin culture and photographs of this city. There is another tourist destination named as Dubai land, which consists of all the sporty activities, residential apartments, hotels etc. 

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Dubai Highlights

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Dubai Highlights

This article was published on 2013/02/26