Nursery Schools in Dubai: Diversity Among Curriculums

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Education in Dubai is undeniably diverse. After all, given the vast opportunities that exist in Dubai, people originating from various corners of the world find themselves faced with the need to bring their families along while pursuing professional success. Given that diversity is among the most notable characteristics of Dubai's education system, it is only to be expected that regardless of one's country of origin, it would not be impossible to allow one's children to learn in manner that reflects one's culture. Indeed, schools in Dubai differ in terms of the curriculum followed, thus ensuring that the needs of all young learners are fully met.

As noted beforehand, nursery schools in Dubai do not follow a uniform curriculum. As a matter of fact, many schools in Dubai offer youngsters a chance to learn through the British way of teaching. To explain, the British teaching approach mainly follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which is known for its flexibility in terms of accommodating a young learner's uniqueness. It is also quite noteworthy that the aforementioned curriculum takes into account a child's need for emotional growth aside from intellectual development. British schools in Dubai are among the most widespread learning facilities.

It is only to be expected that quite a number of nursery schools in Dubai also follow an American education curriculum. It cannot be denied that the American curriculum is quite similar to those followed by the British. However, there are a few aspects wherein the United States' Head Start Program differs from Britain's Early Years Foundation State Curriculum. For one, the Head Start Program is heavily focused on teaching young children the importance of proper health. Likewise, the Head Start Program is rather unique as it is designed to accommodate learners from families of dissimilar economic status.

Aside from nursery schools in Dubai that strictly adhere to well-established curriculums from the Western regions of the world, schools that follow rather unique curriculums also exist. To further expound, some schools follow an Arabic curriculum that is modified to better suit the diversity of cultures in Dubai. In a similar sense, it would not be impossible to locate nursery schools that combine other curriculums, such as those often used in Japan or even in France, with local teaching approaches. After all, parents might not always prefer to enroll their children in schools that do not take into account the unique culture of Dubai.

It cannot be denied that education in Dubai would never be a cause of concern for those who wish to raise their children in the United Arab Emirates. Most importantly, as proven by the existence of numerous schools that utilize different curriculums, children would never fail to appreciate their very own cultures as well as truly understand the unique traditions followed in Dubai. Indeed, those who are having second thoughts as to whether they should bring along their families as they find success in Dubai's ever-evolving economy should not be worried at all, as young learners prosper in Dubai.


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Nursery Schools in Dubai: Diversity Among Curriculums

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Nursery Schools in Dubai: Diversity Among Curriculums

This article was published on 2012/02/26